What is Y Waste?

Y Waste is a social environmental app with a mission to reduce the amount of unsold food that gets thrown out at the end of business day simply because it hasn’t been sold. Yes thats right, instead of restaurants just throwing away their end of day unsold food, you can, with the Y Waste app, find the restaurants near you and help our environment by buying their surplus end of day food at a discounted price. So it’s a win/win. You get delicious food, save heaps of money and help save our environment.


How do You order?

After downloading the Y Waste App you can search on screen among the many restaurants, cafes bakeries closest to you that have food available for pickup. Pick the restaurant of you choice, place your order, pay and receive your order confirmation. When you order from the App, your receipt will be saved automatically in the ‘My receipts’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Make your way to the restaurant at the designated pickup time, show your receipt and after the receipt has been swiped you will receive your order. It’s as easy as….

Why is there a specified time time?

The concept is to save end of day surplus unsold food so the pickup time is usually set for a 15-30 minute window just before the restaurant or cafe’s closes. You can see pickup time in the restaurants description on the app.

What do I do when I come to the restaurant?

Arrive within the restaurants pickup time and show your receipt to the staff. They will then swipe your receipt and hand you your food. Some restaurants will fill the Magic Portion in a box/bag for you, and some restaurants will let you fill your Magic Portion your self. The restaurant description on the app will inform you whether you’ll fill up your Magic Portion yourself or if the staff will do it for you.

How do I find restaurants near me?

When you download Y Wastes App, our GPS locator will instantly list the restaurants starting with the ones closest to you. Alternatively you can use the search bar to locate restaurants. The search results will be listed with their distance starting with the closest first. The search bar will also let you search for special dietary preferences. Simply type ie. vegan, vegetarian etc.

I forgot my username. Or my password. Or both. What to do?

Click the “Forgot my password button” and you will receive the information to your email straight away.

How do I cancel an order after I’ve placed it?

Contact us as soon as possible so we can refund you your money and make your food available for another food waste warrior.

How much does it cost to use Y Wastes app?

You’ll have to pay for the food. Thats it.

Can I save my payment information?

Y Waste does not save any payment information, but the information can be saved on your personal device if you choose to. When you  log out of the Y Waste app you will have to re-enter your payment information again.

Is my payment info secure?

Yes. Y waste never saves any of your credit card information. We use a secure third party payment gateway, Safe2Pay, with a secure SSL connection together with the National Australian Bank.


  1. Please make sure that you arrive at the shop at the right time, as the shop can only serve you in the designated pickup time.

  2. If you do arrive at the shop before pick-up time, please wait outside the shop until pickup window starts.

  3. Make sure you go to the right shop, especially if you are ordering from a chain with multiple shops. The address is clearly stated on your order confirmation.

  4. In buffet restaurants, please only fill up one side of the box!

  5. Tell your friends and family! If you enjoy using Y Waste please spread the word.

  6. Recommend us to your favourite shops as we want to reach out to as many as possible.