Y Waste is an environmental social enterprise with a commitment to reduce food waste, founded and run by Donny Chien (CSO) and Ian Price (CEO) who are dedicated passionate food waste warriors.

We are in the process of expanding in to Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia and USA.

In Australia retailers are throwing away over 3 million tons of processed/eatable food every year, 80% of which is because it’s simply not sold. There are various reasons for this but at the end of the day its an unnecessary waste if it could be put to better use, and it has a very negative impact on our environment. 

Through Y Waste’s network the food outlets can reach out to customers, who in return can come and pick up the delicious surplus food at a specified pick-up time, with considerable discount and the food is all paid for through the app.

By posting the unsold food on Y Waste’s app at the end of the day before closing time, food vendors can turn what was once just thrown out, into extra revenue and at the same time save money on local wastage costs. This is suitable for all kinds of outlets from the single small shop to the giant chain and all kinds of food such as sandwiches, cupcakes, doughnuts, pastry, bread, hot & cold buffets, hot & cold restaurant meals, food/stock from groceries & supermarkets, florists etc. The limits are only in the imagination and there really is no reason for not joining up for an eco-conscientious business.

We are aware that many food outlets already donate their leftover foods to charity, but we also know that the charities are getting too much of donated surplus food, with the result of the charities having to throw the food away. Y Waste allows the food vendor to both sell some surplus food of, and give some to charity.

Florists are also posting and selling their end of day unsold flowers on the Y Waste app.